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Fighting for Injured Workers in Bakersfield and Kern County Since 1981

The Law office of Joseph Pluta has been providing exceptional legal service for over 37 years. Joseph Pluta has helped more than 5,000 injured workers to get their workers’ compensation benefits. If you have been injured on the job, your employer and their insurance company have attorneys working to reduce or take away your benefits. In the State of California, you have ONE YEAR to report your injury to your employer as well as file a claim with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. If you delay, Otherwise, you may lose your benefits.

Injuries at work can have life-long effects. Please contact our office today for a Free Consultation. Our expert team can help you with your Workers’ Compensation benefits Social Security Income and Disability Benefits. We can help you protect your rights. As an employee, you have legal rights in the workplace and we can answer your questions.
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You PAY NOTHING unless we win your case. We are paid a percentage of your benefits when we win your case. Our goal is to streamline the complicated California Workers’ Compensation system for our clients. We value your time and will work endlessly to ensure you receive the maximum benefits provided by law.
Serving Injured Workers Since 1981​
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  • Bakersfield
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  • Kern County
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